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HP StorageWorks X3800 crashed....


HP StorageWorks X3800 crashed....



I am facing a problem with my HP StorageWorks x3800 which is used as server with an additional SAN i.e. HP Storage Works MSA60.


Detail Configuration of my setup of the HP StorageWorks X3800 and HP StorageWorks MSA60 is as under:


  1.  Controller No. 1 : Smart Array 410i  is installed on HP StorageWorks x3800 and is controlling the two 145 GB Hard Drives mounted on HP StorageWorks X3800.
  2.  Controller no. 2 : Smart Array P810 is installed on HP StorageWorks x3800 and is controlling the 9 1TB Hard Drives mounted on HP StorageWorks MSA60.
  3. HP StorageWorks x3800 has Windows Server 2008 64bit and 12gb RAM. When i boot it the hard drive on HP StorageWorks MSA60 do not start (ALl LEDS are off) . When i check the Device manager in HP StorageWorks x3800 it show two RAID Controller driver need to be installed.
  4. I downloaded the drivers from HP website and installed the driver for  Controller No. 1 : Smart Array P810 . It asked me for restart but after the restart again i am unable to access the HP Storage Works MSA60 and again HP StorageWorks x3800 prompts for new hardware found.
  5. I have repeated the installation of drivers for many time but still unable to get HP Storage Works MSA60 online or accessable.

What i concluded is that my controller P810 's drivers are not correct ,i  downloaded from HP site and installed them but the problem presists. 

Please any Hp Expert opinion is needed in this regard. Suggest me some solution.