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HP Storageworks San Switch 2/8v Firmware Update Issues

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HP Storageworks San Switch 2/8v Firmware Update Issues

Hello all !!

I am trying to update the Firmware on our 2 San Switches using the Fabric Manager software. 1 swtich has worked fine and is now running the v5.1.0 firmware, but the second switch is not wanting to play ball at all !!

When i try to download the F/W everything seems to start working fine but after a few seconds i get the following error Firmwaredownload command failed (0x4415)in the Switch Log. and on the fabric manager it tells me there was a network time out.

I have changed the network swtich that this san swtich is plugged into to be the same as the first switch that updated fine, and we have no other network issues.

the switch is running v4.2.0b firmware at the moment.

Is there a method of updating the F/W via the console cable ??

Any help or advise on this would be Great !!

Thanks in Advance !!
Steven Clementi
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Re: HP Storageworks San Switch 2/8v Firmware Update Issues


YOu can use the console cable connect to update the firmware, but you also need to be connected to the network since the only option to update is via FTP.

Log into the console and run "dirmwaredownload". The command will prompt you for the necessary information.

If you can connect the switch to the ftp box with a crossover cable, that might get you up and running quicker.

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