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HPE MSA 2040 SAN Disk Failure Notification

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HPE MSA 2040 SAN Disk Failure Notification

Hi. Recently there is a disk failure but NMS did not pick it up.  Running on version GL210R004. Upgrade to current version is able to address the problem? Thanks.


Re: HPE MSA 2040 SAN Disk Failure Notification

DerrickAng , 

I understand. 
Please try MC restart and it should work.

However , HPE advices to upgrade to the latest firmware as and when available. 

We have 7 versions released after : GL210R004

Since , this array is on old firmware level. You might have to follow upgrade path to get to the latest version : 

GL210R004 to  GL220P010 

Link : GL220P010


GL220P010 to GL225R003

Link : GL225R003


GL225R003 to GL225P002-02

Link : GL225P002-02

Since we are on older version ,  I suggest performing this activity during low IOPS/ downtime. 

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Re: HPE MSA 2040 SAN Disk Failure Notification

Thank you. By the way, notification alert priotity should not be critical but fall under error for disk failure? Can I check operation will not be very much affected during upgrade when doing it in production?

Re: HPE MSA 2040 SAN Disk Failure Notification

There is one known issue I remember regarding drive failure but not getting detected as an alert but this issue was fixed in GL220R005

"Event 8 Unknown Reason Drive failure does not create 314 event."

You can search the below link with the above content,

So yes it's always recommended to keep the system up to date in terms of firmware for all components of the system.

Coming to other query, I always recommend to do the firmware update in off-pick hours or in maintenance window in order to avaoid any unknown situation. Theoritically it's possible to do the firmware update anytime but in your case as system is running with old firmware so it's always suggested to do the firmware update in maintenance window. You should also check if you have other drive enclosure attached and any IO module needs update. Also you should check if drive require update as well. So all can be done together in single maintenance window.

Keep in mind that you need to fix the failed hardware issue first and then only you should go for firmware update. 


Hope this helps!

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Re: HPE MSA 2040 SAN Disk Failure Notification


There was more than one error message reporting issue fixed between GL200 and GL225. As mentioned previously, you will have to hop the array from GL200 -> GL220 -> GL225. You can perform upgrades while online but as a recommendation you should try to do this during a period of low host I/O.

It is recommended to set your alerts (email and/or) SNMP to a WARNING level. This allows you to be reactive to issues that are happening rather than react to a failure. WARNING level alerts you to possible issues before they become a failure.


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