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HPE MSA 2050 1 port in use


HPE MSA 2050 1 port in use

Good Morning,

I am sure I have missed out, probably a simple step in setup ofour new 2050.

We have noticed that on the port traffics that only 1 port is being used, which is Port A1. This is the port that we initially connect to via our Hyper V iSCSI initiator, within the discovered portals within Hyper V the other ports are listed so it can see them? However there has never been any traffic across these.

Our setup is 3 Hosts, connected via 10GB DAC to 2 switches across its own VLAN to the 2050.

Is there anything you can suggest that we look at to get the best performance from this regarding the iSCSI ports on the 2050?




Re: HPE MSA 2050 1 port in use

you need to check if MPIO enabled or not in the host systems. If not then enable it. After that need to check what MPIO path policy set. It needs to be Round Robin with subset. Then in iSCSI initiator you need to make sure you have added sessions with each initiator to each target port.

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