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HPE MSA 2050 setup woes

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HPE MSA 2050 setup woes

I'm having great difficulty in understanding the new MSA 2050 disk and snapshot setup.

We have fully populated with 22 1.8TB SAS drives in addition to the two SSDs. I want two pools in Raid10 and set this up as 1-12 in pool a (SSDs as performance), and 13-24 in pool b (for archive data). I was unable to enable snapshots after creating an 8TB volume on each pool. What I noticed was if I created a smaller volume I was able to create a snapshot, but then the "enable overcommit" box became checked and greyed out!

Can someone please assist in helping me understand what has change between the 2040 and 2050 to stop me creating a thick disk and having snapshots? The issue we have is that someone filled the drive initially and stopped VMware, all we want is two thick volumes, and one or two snapshots on the SAN.



Re: HPE MSA 2050 setup woes

Hi Mike,

My first suggestion would be to upgrade your system to VL270R001-01. There were some enhancements in VL270 that will allow you to enbale overcommit when using snapshots.

My advise would be to carefully manage your space when using snaps. There will be a trade off with allowing the snap space to grow and consume more of the free space on your pool. Be sure you are monitoring the growth of the snap space so that it does not consume too much of the free space on your pool.

You stated that VMware stopped. This may be due to the capacity of the 8TB volume being full so that VMware does not have enough free space left to boot. You should review the currently allocated size of your volumes and consider the space of your snapshots so that you do not get into an allocated space conflict.

Hope this helps!


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