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HPE MSA 2052 "virtual storage?"

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HPE MSA 2052 "virtual storage?"

Need some clarify from what I'm reading in the speed test   documentation. It seems data is stored across all disk groups in a virtual pool. Meaning, If I built one RAID 1 disk group, and another RAID 5 disk group with the intention of splitting SQL transaction logs from the database, this would give me no benefit as I don't have control where the files are actually stored on the hardware? showbox 


Re: HPE MSA 2052 "virtual storage?"

Correct, unless you configure your separate storage in the 2 Pools.  Pool A is all RAID 1 and Pool B is all RAID 5/6  (RAID 6 would be recommended unless using all SSDs).  You could also use Tier Affinity on the Volumes to 'suggest' to the system to use a specific tier, would not help if both your RAID 1 and RAID 5/6 were the same media type.
Look at this tech brief for more indepth understanding of MSA virtual concepts:

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