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HPE MSA Storage Read Operation.

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HPE MSA Storage Read Operation.

In an MSA array,

If a read request comes to controller A to read the Volume owned by the peer controller or controller B,

How does the read request will be preocessed.?

Will controller A will tresspass and read the data..? or it will forward the request to controller B..?


Thanks in Adavance.


Re: HPE MSA Storage Read Operation.

1. Read command to Controller A for LUN owned by Controller B
2. Controller A asks Controller B if data is in Controller B cache
3. If found, Controller B tells Controller A where it resides in Controller B read mirror cache
4. Controller A sends data to host from Controller B read mirror, and I/O is complete
5. If not found, request is sent from Controller B to disk to retrieve data
6. Disk data is placed in Controller B cache and broadcast to Controller B mirror
7. Read data is sent to host by Controller A from Controller B mirror, and I/O is complete

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