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Re: HPE MSA2050 MPIO Configuration

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HPE MSA2050 MPIO Configuration

I have a MSA2050 with fiber channel option

Presented directly to two windows 2019 servers,

A single pool configured,

Three virtual volumes configured and presented to two Windows server 2019.

After the initial configuration the performance for the solution was high, some month later some performance degradation have been noted specially with high traffic is demanded.

In the MPIO configuration I see that the path are active/optimized and the other is active/Unoptimized

Some clue to resolve this issue , in the picture the is information about the paths.




Re: HPE MSA2050 MPIO Configuration

In a typical round-robin configuration, MPIO will load balance between both ports on the server and across all optimized paths to a Volume, however it will never drive I/O down an un-optimized path whilst even a single optimized path remains active. This preferential behavior is an intentional product of the how the Unified LUN Presentation, or ULP feature, takes advantage of Asymmetrical Logical Unit Access, or ALUA extensions, to support optimal path selection to the controller which has ownership of the Volume, and therefore the underlying Pool and Disk Groups.

ULP can make a volume available via any selected array host port so to improve availability and performance, but it is the ALUA protocol which ensures that I/O need not be brokered by a partner controller which would otherwise increase latency. This happens on a per volume level rather than at the array level, and it is for this reason that the array should be configured in a balanced manner, i,e, that I/O is distributed across two equally or at least similarly provisioned pools, and therefore multiple volumes.


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