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HPE P2000 G3 MSA SAS - Unable to De-Quarantine vDisk

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HPE P2000 G3 MSA SAS - Unable to De-Quarantine vDisk

Hi guys, I hope you can help me out

I have a problem with one vdisk, it has the status quarantined offline QTOF, I try the CLI command: rescan

When I run the command show vdisks it say this:


vd02 8093.4GB 4444.4GB B B RAID6 11 0 64k QTOF 00c0ff152db8000089876e5e00000000
Disabled 0 Fault
The vdisk is quarantined.
- Look for events in the event log related to quarantine (172, 485 or 590) and follow the recommended actions for those events.


This are the logs:

Download logs 

Thank you in advance



Re: HPE P2000 G3 MSA SAS - Unable to De-Quarantine vDisk


First of all delete the log file from public forum for your data security purpose.

In case of vd02, below my observation,

14th May 2021 1.15 failed
4th June 2021 1.13 failed
8th June 2021 1.11 used as spare drive and reconstruction started
8th June 2021 approx 12:07 rescan done and that created major issue.
As per log I see 1.11 which was getting used as spare drive to reconstruct data for vd02, the same drive got used for vd01 as well. So no idea if the running reconstruction gets complete for vd02. You have no choice but to wait for this to complete and don't do anything else.
Please remember vd02 configured as RAID6 and we have two failed drives 1.13 and 1.15. So once this 1.11 reconstruction gets completed, this vdisk will expect another drive as spare drive to reconstruct data as well.

In case of vd01,

27th May 2021 1.6 failed
1st June 2021 1.14 failed
3rd June 2021 1.14 replaced with new drive and configured as spare drive. It participated in vdisk reconstruction as well.
Then due to too much error with 1.11 reconstruction was not getting completed. That time 1.11 was part of vd01.
4th June 2021 we can see vd01 reconstruction was failing again and again. It was going in quarantine mode.
8th June 2021 It looks like 1.11 failed and got replaced by new drive. But this time it was used to reconstruct data for vd02.
As vd01 configured with RAID6 and 3 drives missing so it went to offline state.

I would suggest to log a HPE support case to try and get back your data as this is complex in nature. However I feel data recovery not possible for vd01 because 1.11 was last drive failed which had latest data and that drive no more present in the system to recover back data.


Hope this helps!

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