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So I assume some people here have the HPE (M)ASE certification. I am supposed to get at least ASE for storage in the next months and MASE if I can be bother.

I know HPE would like us to pony up a bunch of money for courses and whatnot but I really don't think I need it nor do I want to fly somewhere ( they won't likely do a course on that here) if it can be avoided.

But unfortunately it's apparently tricky to get a nice concise listing of what you should study for each exam. So if people here have taken those certifications semi recently, could you help me out with that. ( Or if someone can point me to some nice list of things to read if such a thing exists that would be nice too)

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You always should get started at the MylearningHPE website. I assume you have access since you should be ATP already, otherwise you cannot become an ASE...

On that site you can find an overview of all certifications:

For example I take the new HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4 exam:

On that page you see the list of requirements for new and existing certified persons.

At those requirements you see the exam that you need to pass and the recommended course. It depends of the course material if it is delivered online, as an ILT or VILT training.

Know that most material is available as well as a (digital or paper version) book at HPE Press to get prepared for the exam.

Hope it helps, good luck to become a MASE!

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