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Re: HSG80 Disk Error

P Saunders
Occasional Contributor

HSG80 Disk Error

I am getting the following warning in Windows Event Viewer numerous times every day: "Data was recovered using error correction code on device \Device\Harddisk8\DR10.", but as it's not a complete "failure", the disk is not flashing in the SAN.
The StorageWorks Command Console Software identifies the disks as DISK10000, DISK10100, etc. which bear no relation to the event message.
How can I identify which disk is failing?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80 Disk Error

It must have been a million years since I've touched the SWCC, but I think if you right-click the disk, you get a option. This will cause a blink pattern on the fault LED of the disk drive.

Or open a command session (CLI) via the SWCC or the serial maintenance port (9600,8N1) and enter the command:
HSG> locate DISK10000

Watch out! If you the enter "locate DISK11000", both LEDs will flash - use the "locate cancel" command to stop it.