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HSG80 - More Problems!!!


HSG80 - More Problems!!!

Since my earlier message about performance issues, the controller in this unit failed. I have replaced the controller in the HSG80 and this is now fine however, I now had another problem. After changing the controller I have two SAN's showing up in HSG element manager the "old" one with one correct and one incorrect controller and a "new" one with the old working controller and the new one that I had just put in. I assumed it was just a recognition thing so I restarted my SMA and now I can't see the SAN at all!

I have tried the run discovery from element manager but it still won't see the SAN.

Any ideas as to why it won't show (i've checked the zoning)?

btw: I currently have automange option enabled which I assumed would pickup up the SAN when the SMA was rebooted?