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HSG80 - Performance Issue?


HSG80 - Performance Issue?


I have been receiving some performance problems today with a couple of servers connected to an HSG80 SAN. I have started receiving this error in the event logs of these two win2k servers:

Event ID 1
HSZDisk Error Detected.

In addition I am getting this error on the console cable in the back of the controller:

%CER--HSG80> --23-SEP-2004 11:26:51-- Unable to clear SWAP signal on device-
port 5 - all SWAP interrupts disabled

Could this indicate the controller is on it's way out or is it a problem with the disks in the SAN itself?

The SMA doesn't seem to be reporting any problems with the controllers or cache batteries.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80 - Performance Issue?

Sounds like a problem on the bus. It could indeed be a disk drive that is not playing nice. If this problem is still present I'd try to push the drives on port 5 a little bit in and/or carefully wiggle a bit left and right.