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HSG80 SAN setup

Jay Nichols
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HSG80 SAN setup

Hi all,
I am in a bit if a pickle and need some help.
I have got hold of a dual HSG80 setup which includes, 2 x fibre swithces, 6 disk trays.
Hardware all seems OK working etc. I have just found the Management Server (ES45 Alpha)for this setup.
Issue is that the SAN disks have been blanked and the Server seems to want to boot from a SAN disk, not the internal disk!
Does anybody know where I can get the software that was installed on this device? I have a copy of NT4 for Alpha.
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Re: HSG80 SAN setup

You need to get to the console of your alpha, and go to the boot prompt. From there, you can set the boot device.

I believe the command is: set bootdef_dev

for example: >>>set bootdef_dev DKA100 (usually the first internal drive)

I think you can do a "show dev" to list the devices.

Hope this helps.