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HSG80 and connectivity questions...

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HSG80 and connectivity questions...

Im looking at connecting an EMA12000 and RA8000 to a linux system.

Currently the EMA12000 has dual HSG80 controllers in it.

The RA8000 is SCSI. I would like to either swap in a pair of HSG80s or take one from the EMA12000.

Yes I realize this breaks the failover but this isnt a concern atm.

The first question is can you use just a single HSG80 or must they be in pairs? I was told pairs but Id swear I have not only seen singles but read nothing indicating requiring two.

The second question is can I do the following.

Use a Prolian ML330 running RHEL 3.1 with FC2214 card(s) to talk through a Brocade Silkworm 2800 series 16 port SAN switch to the HSG80 controllers and hence the ema12000 and ra8000 raids?

Uwe Zessin
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Re: HSG80 and connectivity questions...

Hello Jason,

you can use HSG80 single-controller configurations. Just note that in this case there is no failover between controller host ports 1 and 2. It means that units 1..99 are presented to Port_1, 101..199 are presented to Port_2.