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HSG80 management connection via StorageWoks software

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HSG80 management connection via StorageWoks software

I use the HSG80 StorageWorks v8.5 software to manage my SAN, I see that v8.7 is now out. I have been having the two following problems.
1 - the serial cable connection has become very slow. It use to run fast, but now takes forever to load the GUI interface. I have the baud rate set as high as it will go.
2 - I was at one point able to connect through a web browser to the server which has the serial cable plugged into it, and load the GUI from a remote location, but it no longer works. I vaguely remember something about the "steam" service, but can't seem to get it to work.
Any help ? Also, how can I get the version 8.7? Thanks.
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Re: HSG80 management connection via StorageWoks software

Pls check the following answer:
1.You can use the firble path to use the SWCC; web browser by SWCC.
You can replace the ACS card directly or update the ACS to 8.7 by command.
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Re: HSG80 management connection via StorageWoks software


The BEST way to manage the HSG80 is by using the CLI serial cable and a terminal program. If the HSG controllers are busy, the CLI is the very last item to be updated.

9600 baud is more than adequate for management of the HSGs.

A serial cable is not required to run SWCC. It relies on an agent process that is running on one of the systems that is using the SAN. This is most likely where your slowdown is.

I normally make a notepad list of all of the commands that I want to perform on an HSG80 and then copy and paste it into the CLI.

If you are using a GUI tool to manage this, I would check to see what else is running on that box. Possibly that system is overloaded.

Remote management is not a problem of the SWCC program, but rather how you are connecting to that service.

Choose your operating system for the 8.7 platform kit.
I believe that you will have to purchase the 8.7 firmware cards for the HSG's, but they may be bundled in the kit.

I remember a mandatory (Free)8.5 to 8.6 upgrade about 2 years ago. We upgraded 18 controller pairs back then. You should have upgraded your ACS cards back then.

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