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Help please - MSA 2012 iSCSI with failed controller

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Help please - MSA 2012 iSCSI with failed controller

Hi all,


After a series of power failures last week our UPS gave up and the MSA 2012 lost power. It's an iSCSI unit with an additional enclosure attached.  After restoring power, controller A now has a problem. It's not passing iSCSI traffic and the caution LED is lit on the rear.


I can log in to the web interface on both contollers..  The failed controller A shows an error message on the login screen..


"ERROR: The RAID Controller you have connected to cannot communicate between its Management Controller and main Storage Controller. The Storage Controller may be down."


..and afterI log in shows "System boot up in progress - please wait"


When I log in to controller B I get "WARNING: RAID Controller A shutdown or failed"


On the 'Restart System' page I get..


"RAID Controller B is up.  RAID Controller A is down.  Reason: Boot handshake timeout (9)
RAID Controller B is holding RAID Controller A in a reset state. Select "Restart RAID Controller A" to allow operation"


In the event log..


Info 2015-05-08 12:46:04


B4021 Kill line released (allow other RAID controller to boot) Critical 2015-05-08 12:42:02


B4020 FRU type: RAID IOM A, problem: encl 0. Product ID: , S/N: rev: . Related event ID: 10004019, type: 313 Critical 2015-05-08 12:42:02


B4019 RAID controller A failed, reason Boot handshake timeout. Product ID , S/N


I've tried the suggested controller restart to no avil. I also took advantage of the power outage to shut down the MSA and other enclosure compleely and re-start.


Is there anything I can try to recover the failed controller or will it need to be replaced?


Thanks in advance.