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Help to Configure BL460-C with HP MSA1000

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Help to Configure BL460-C with HP MSA1000

Dear All,
I'm on the process to configure 2 HP Blades BL-460 C with HP MSA1000 SAN Storage through HBA. Each Server with 20 gig of RAM.and Quad Core Proc. Each Server will be having 6 NICs . 2 Will be for VMs in Production, 2 for VMs in DMZ, 1 for S.C ((Failover is VMotion NIC)), 1 for VMotion ((Failover is S.C NIC)).

VLan will be created on the Physical Switch, and each Network Card will be connected to it's corresponded VLAN Port. Then, vSwitch will be Created, and the VLAN Number will be specify in the VLAD ID for the Virtual Switch.

The SAN has got 6 Drives 146X6 = 5256 GB. What is the recommended Raid 10 or Raid 5?
On the SAN there will be:
Migrating NT4.0 Domain to Windows 2000 and Windows 2003
Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2007, each server will be having separate Role i;e, MB Role, CAS, Edge Transport, Hub Transport ect....
File and Print Server
Oracle Server
Application Server

How to Configure the HP MSA 1000 LUN in order for the ESX Server to detect the HBA which is connected to it?
Note: The MSA is New. Shall I boot the Server from the SmartStart CD and Configure the Array, creating a LUN "Volume" and Present it to the HBA of Each ESX Server?

Do I have to follow this KB

Each Server will be having 2 HBA's that going to be connected directly to the MSA Controller, are they going to be Active/Active or Active/Passive?

Does the I/O for the Disk Performance, and Oracle, Exchange are going to be good in this Configuration?

Please help, of if there is a Step By Step how to configure the HP MSA1000 with ESX Server, I will be glad to have it.
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Re: Help to Configure BL460-C with HP MSA1000

Here's a good article i found.

If any one whould suggestion something good or better to manage the MSA1000 while it's connected to the ESX Servers, i will glad to have it.