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Hoe to configure MSA1000 for OpenVMS ?

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Davide Depaoli_3
Valued Contributor

Hoe to configure MSA1000 for OpenVMS ?

I must to add 2 disk drives and create a new LUN to an MSA1000 with OpenVMS firmware.
I haven't knowledge of OpenVMS and MSA1000 cli.

Anyone can help me with MSA1000 commands ?

thanks in advance
best regards
Cees Zee_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Hoe to configure MSA1000 for OpenVMS ?

That was some time ago when I did that ...

make sure that you have some connectivity to the MSA1000 controller via the "special" serial console cable.

when you are connected to the command line of the MSA1000 you have to use the following commands


BTW. all commands are based on adding a new set of disks.

The mentioned numbers are example numbers. The unit number is what you define; the DISK numbers are the physical disk numbers.

First you need to add a unit number for the physical diskset. (in here for a RAID 0+1 set)

> ADD UNIT 26 raid_level=1 data="DISK113 DISK213"

assign the unit ID to this diskset

> SET UNIT_ID 26 501\r
note: this will be the DGA number externally visible on VMS system

optionally enable the cache;
> SET UNIT 26 cache=enabled

optionally assign spare disks to this unit
> ADD SPARE unit=26 "DISK108"

good luck ...

Davide Depaoli_3
Valued Contributor

Re: Hoe to configure MSA1000 for OpenVMS ?

thank you for the help.
kind regards
Cass Witkowski
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hoe to configure MSA1000 for OpenVMS ?

you will also need to make sure the OS type on the connections is set to OpenVMS.
Cees Zee_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Hoe to configure MSA1000 for OpenVMS ?


I haven't seen any needs for that. Is there a specific reason to do? In our case the connections were initiated, and indicated the right OS....

Cees Zee
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Hoe to configure MSA1000 for OpenVMS ?

It is absolutely necessary to select the right profile! Each OS has it's own set of expectations and the storage array must know how to respond correctly. During a configuration a few month ago we could not MOUNT any LUNs, because the profile wasn't set properly.

Two or three years ago I've been told about a user whose AlphaServer GS160 (running SAP R/3) crashed due to an invalid connection setting on the HSG80.

Trust me - you really, really want to make the correct setup!