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Home test SAN setup questions.

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Home test SAN setup questions.

I am trying to peace together an HP StorageWorks EVA3000 for a fiber SAN in a lab at my house for testing.

I have a couple of basic questions.


1. Do I have to have an HP Managment Appliance to be able to administor the controllers and storage LUN's? Or can I use a Windows Server 2003 and load up some software on it to talk to the controllers.


2. Can I connect a server directly to the controllers via Fiber cable and not use a Fiber Switch in between?


Any input would be appreciated. I have read conflicting things in the documentation, I know the unit is older but it will be good for emulating a work environment and have good speed if it works.


Thank you,


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Home test SAN setup questions.

1.) Might depends on which VCS version is installed on the EVA.  You can install Command View on a normal server. Check the release notes of Command View and VCS which versions are supported. Download CV from - it's the one that's called "replication solutions manager" - inside that link there is an iso for CV 9.4.

The management server needs to have fc connectivity to the controllers.


From P6000 CV 10 release notes: 
"HP P6000 Command View does not support the EVA3000/5000 arrays, nor can they be managed."


CV 9.4 release notes has fixes for HSV100 / VCS - so CV 9 should be usable. 


There should be a temporary 60 day license that comes with Command View.


If you haven't gotten the EVA3000 yet, make sure it comes with the WWN/checksum so that you can initialize it, if not you'll need to try to pry one out of HP.


2.) Yes, set the ports to direct connect in the OCP (the front panel). You may need to set the ports in the fc hba on the server to loop mode.

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Re: Home test SAN setup questions.

Thank you for the information. It is very helpful.