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How To Update Disk ROM in MSA500

Gordon Harris
Occasional Advisor

How To Update Disk ROM in MSA500

This should be strait forward but cant see how to do it. I Have updated the ROM on the Storage Controller to 1.80, and as it says in the notes that the LED will advise of Disks who's firmware needs to be updated.

I have booted to the Firmware CD, and this only see's the 'local' disks.

I guess the work around is to remove each disk from the enclosure and place them in the server, then boot to the firmware CD - but thats daft!

Can anyone point in the right direction?
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: How To Update Disk ROM in MSA500

If you willing to connect drives directly to Server for firmware Updates, safe way to keep array intact is use Onboard SCSI controller and Firmware CD as Array Controller will detect them with preexisting configuration and will mark as failed â ¦ etc