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Re: How reduce space reserved? HP MSA 2040

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How reduce space reserved? HP MSA 2040

how to reduce the reserved space since in constitute 1/3 of the storage

Taking into account that the configuration is in a RAID 5 and the configuration table is as follows


Re: How reduce space reserved? HP MSA 2040


We can't reduce Linear pool reserved space as this is reserved for RAID parity and metadata.

In RAID5 we always get 75% space for data and 25% space getting use for parity.

RAID 5 results in the loss of storage capacity equivalent to the capacity of one hard drive from the volume. For example, three 500GB hard drives added together comprise 1500GB (or roughly about 1.5 terabytes) of storage. Here RAID means 2 data drive and 1 parity drive.


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