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How to query Disk Transfer rates

Iain Binnie

How to query Disk Transfer rates

Hi, I recently was looking in the logs of my MSA 1500c/s regarding another issue and noticed that one of my disks was running at 40MB's as oposed to 160MB's transfer rate, I then removed the disk let the spare rebulid reseated the "slow" disk then it failed.

My query is how can I query the disk speed of all disks connected to a server/controller via the Array CLI (I had a look and can not figure out the apropriate commands "novice")so I dont have to look in the GUI and can possibly script this?

Also we do use HP OVO so is there a trap that can advise of degraded disk speed as If I had not looked in the log I would never have noticed this and the performance would have continued to be degraded ?