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How to remove a stuck drive from HPE MSA 2040

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How to remove a stuck drive from HPE MSA 2040


Wonder if someone can suggest something.  We had a drive fail in our MSA 2040 and we ordered a replacement (I checked the SMU and quoted the disk model number which was a EG0900FBVFQ).  Our supplier sent us a 653971-001  instead of a 730703-001  and we didn't notice and installed it anyway.  It went in OK but didn't register on the array - no status light and no entry in the event log.  Problem is we can't get it out.  The pushbutton does nothing and the lever won't seem to open with a gentle amount of force - we don't want to apply too much force because we don't want to damage the array or the disk.

Can anyone suggest a safe way of removing this drive?



Re: How to remove a stuck drive from MSA 2040


It appears you recieved a drive that would fit into an HPE ProLiant Server instead of the MSA array. Those drives latch down a bit differently but their size is very similar to what works with an MSA. The problem is when the drive latches down it needs some kind of pressure against the back of the drive to unlatch properly. If you can get a finger nail under the drive edge to porivde a stop, and press the latch button while having a second person try to lift the latch it may be enough to get the latch open to remove the drive.


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Re: How to remove a stuck drive from MSA 2040

Thanks Shawn.  I did exactly that - a combination of pressing the button whilst applying gentle lateral pressure away from the tab did the trick.  Thanks for your help.