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How to setup MSA 1000 without a HBA

René Frej Nielsen
Occasional Contributor

How to setup MSA 1000 without a HBA



I have inherited a MSA 1000 with a single controller from a company that we merged with and wish to use it as a Direct Attached Storage with an Apple Xserve. I have no idea about what firmware it has, but I have tried to connect it to the Xserve and it's recognised and I'm able to format the two LUN's that it presents.


So far so good, but before I actually use it for something then I would really like to update the firmware and make sure that the configuration is the best for what I will use it for. It was previously connected as a DAS to a Sun server.


I don't have a Windows Server with a HBA as our Xserve's are the only ones with HBA's. I don't have the special cable (RJ45z) for the CLI either, but I do have some cables with a RS232 in one end and a RJ45 in the other, so they might work.


Do I have any chance of updating and setup up this MSA1000 without a Windows Server with a HBA? As I'm pretty clueless about MSA's, then a hint about to which firmware I should use in this scenario would be appreciated.



René Frej Nielsen