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Hp storageworks p2000

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Hp storageworks p2000

Hello guys i bought a hp storageworks p2000 but it doesnt have amy console or any cables with this , ( this is a old deice ,used one ) i want to practice hp storage devices if you guys can help me how to work on this device.


Re: Hp storageworks p2000

The user guide is really going to be your best friend

First step is to figure out if you can get access to the controllers (i.e. did someone reset it to factory defaults before you got it). Plug your computer, and the two controller management ports into a switch. As shown on page 46 , the default IP address is for controller A and for controller B. The default user name is 'manage' and the default password is '!manage'.

If you can get in then great! Change the IP addresses and 'manage' password to whatever you want going forward. From here, you're in and should be go to experiment with the system by referencing the user manual or countless P2000/MSA video tutorials you'll find on the youtube.

If you can't figure out the IP address and/or password then this is where it is tricky and where you will probably need the console mini-usb cable. You'd have to order one to proceed any further. From the console port, you can access the system regardless if you know the IP address or not but you will still need to know the password. If you don't know the password then you'd have to launch a call into HPE support and ask for help on a password recovery. Since the unit likely isn't under any support, I can't guarantee they'd be able to help at no charge. There are lots of existing threads out there on password resets so try searching those first if you run into this issue.

However, first things first. Assume that someone reset this to factory defaults before you got it and use the manual to run through the configuration.

The best practice guide might also be helpful

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