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LUN addresses range

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LUN addresses range

New to the management of a SAN, I have a two P2000 G3 configured as a single entity.  When I mapped a volume to a host, I discovered that some LUN IDs were not working.  Actually, the mapping went ok but I got problem when I tried to have this volumne discovred by Xenserver.  Xenserver replied by saying: "No LUNs were found."  In this case I used a LUN ID of 601.  I manage to have Xenserver discover this volume with a LUN ID of 51.

How to does the LUN ID works? Is there a defined range of ID that can be assigned?  Do someone would have  a pointer to a resource I could read to learn more about it?



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Re: LUN addresses range

MSA max. LUN ID is 1023.

For more Information look in:

But XENSERVER i did no know.
Why you use so high LUN ID?

Ins't 1- 254 good? 

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.