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LUNs on VA7410 visible after few minutes

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LUNs on VA7410 visible after few minutes

Hello, I have a WinNT4 (SP6) server with a Emulex LP952L HBA connected to a SAN. When booting the server the LUNs are not visible for the first few minutes. In the meantime several windows events (id 11) are logged and after about 3 mins the LUNs show in the disk administrator.
The server can access (WC permission) LUN 0 on the VA7410. The target LUN id's for the server are 20 through 23. Hostport behaviour is set to Win NT for LUNs for this server. Everything is hooked up to two StorageWorks SAN switch 2/16-el's.

I hope someone can help because I am done with my own ideas.
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Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: LUNs on VA7410 visible after few minutes

Looks like OS problem, not VA's. Please check if server has latest FC HBA driver installed. Is this only one HBA installed? Are there another NT4 servers not experiencing these problems? Is the HBA good? Is this problem appears with all LUNs including LUN 0?
All disk info is stored in NT4 registry, and they detected during the boot. As soon as they;re detected they're present on the boot time. This means that some software locks detection/representation of LUNs for some time. Again: check drivers and HBA bios. Deep into bios setup (cards's, not server's) and look if there's nothing suspicious