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Licence reneval of hp HSV200-B

Harish Yadav
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Licence reneval of hp HSV200-B

Dear Sir,

I work in CMS Computers and We have hp Storage
Works Command View EVA v7.0 (HSV200-B)

It's Licence Expire on 9th March 2009 please guide to how i renew the licence.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: Licence reneval of hp HSV200-B

The system is currently running on a 'demo/testing' license - since almost 180 days, by the way.

If this is an older system the real license is provided through a warranty / service agreement - contact HP.

If this is a 'new' EVA (half a year/178 days counts as 'new' in this case ;-), check if the Command View EVA license has been bought. The paperwork includes a 'HP ordernumber' and instructions on how to turn this into a permanent license key.

I know it is easy to say, but this should have been 'fixed' a loooooong time ago.