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Linux Redhat ES 2.1 - HBA PCI-FC problem

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Linux Redhat ES 2.1 - HBA PCI-FC problem

Hi Everybody

I hope that someone here can help me, or tell me where to ask for help.

We have a Proliant DL570 with a HBA FC card conected. This card is 167433-B21 - PCI-FC HBA for Linux All.

This machine is running Redhat ES 2.1, with kernel 2.4.9e-27smp from redhat.

With the normal kernel, when the machine boot, kudzu reconige the card and configure it. When the module load, the driver see the fiber switch and the 2 SAN controllers. But not see any disk!

After that, I have try to download from HP a rpm package with the latest driver, from:

This driver is: qla2x00-6.06.50-24.Redhat-AS-2-1.i386.rpm

This rpm install a module for kernel 2.4.9e-27smp (exactely the same i'm running), modify rc.sysinit and modules.conf. After that, the rpm say to execute a script that modify the scsi_mod.c and scsi_scan.c files from the kernel source, compile it, and modify the initial randisk (initrd) to include the new compiled version of scsi_mod. And ofcourse, execute lilo after all.

Well, after reboot with this new driver in initrd, the system doesn't start, with a lot of errors about /lib/

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance

Marcos Monge
System Engineer