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MA8000 subsystem locked out from SAN Appliance

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MA8000 subsystem locked out from SAN Appliance

Hi There;

We have two SANs, an old RA, and a MA8000 which is our current production storage.
We use a SAN Appliance (HP Openview SMA V2.0 SP1a) to manage them. We are currently locked out of the MA8000 subsystem. We can still manage the old RA ok. I understand what the documentation says in regard to how it was caused, but the point do you unlock it? They don't mention any procedure at all. We have done several things to try and fix it. Uninstall/re-install......attach directly to the HSG80's and submit CLI commands,..etc, but nothing has unlocked it. Does anyone have any experience in this matter? Thanks in advance.