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MAS P2000 G3 FC - vdisk reconstruct

Ralf Seefeldt
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MAS P2000 G3 FC - vdisk reconstruct

Hello all,
I have had a broken disk in a vdisk, which had been replaced. The vdisk reconstruct succeeded.
My question relates to understanding exactly how this reconstruct is performed.

We have some 30% of the vdisk, that is not yet configured into any volume.
So, I expected the reconstruct would not take place on those 30%.
Calculating the time, the reconstruct would have required to finish; I assume, that even those unused 30% have been reconstructed.

My question is:
Are those parts of a vdisk, that are not part of any volume, reconstructed too?
And if so,

  •  Is it because there may be additional uses which do not require presenting diskspace to a volume or to anything else?
  •  Is it because the RAID-level reconstruct does not know, what usage is configured or not configured on the volume level?
  •   Is there any other reason.


Any replies are greatly welcome.


Thanks and bye