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MPX110 distance gateway

tim matthews
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MPX110 distance gateway


I have recieved 2(prevoiusly used) of the above distance gateways and am unable to connect with either serial or IP to configure...

IP i have tried nothing

Serial : i have tried both HP and here Cisco cables - 115k 8 none 1 ... nothing

I have tried pushing the button next to the FC ports -I beleive that it only resets fibre - but I am desparate

Is there a way to reset the system back to factory.. do I have to get a soldering iron and remove battery??

Thanks in advance

Steven Clementi
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Re: MPX110 distance gateway


the user guide at " " states 2 different IP's as the default. Go ahead and give a try, though I don't think it will work.

The serial port takes a standard serial cable and the settings should be 115k 8N1.

I would try connecting the serial cable, loading up your term program... and then power up the unit to see if you et anything at all.

Aside from giving HP Support a shot... the only other things I can suggest is getting replacements that have been factory reset, or are "new" whether they are new or demo or refurb or etc.

Steven Clementi
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tim matthews
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Re: MPX110 distance gateway

Ok I have managed to fix this. We ordered a relacement under warranty. we received a new unit that worked ok with all standard settings..

But what I did find out is this unit will not work with a standard Serial cable. The cable with the new box did work on all 3 units..

Beware the docs are Wrong!!!