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MS1000 gone funny

Stephen Jones_3
Occasional Advisor

MS1000 gone funny

We've recently invested in an MSA1000 with dual Fibre hubs, dual controllers and two DL380's with dual Qlogic HBA's. Have installed Windows 2000 Advanced server and secure path 4.0c SP2 and am now try to setup clustering. Both systems can see the disk no problem but after installing the cluster on a single node and then rebooting the other the disk are ripped from the active node and take by the second node.

If I boot up a single node the HBA's get a link with the hub and all's fine, as soon as I turn on the second node the HBA links are lost and all are negoticated again. This is a very low level thing as it occurs as soon as the second node is powered on.

The firmare is running the latest version released December.

Anyone else having issues.

We have three other MSA1000 configs and have never had this trouble with any of them


P.S. hope this makes senses!
Valued Contributor

Re: MS1000 gone funny

May be wrong cabling path to active/standby controller?
Stephen Jones_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: MS1000 gone funny

Thats what I thought at first after finding a customer alert article. Check my sanity

Peter Hoogenboom Sijtsm
Occasional Advisor

Re: MS1000 gone funny


Has SSP (selective storage presentation) been set up from the ACU? Default the MSA shows it's luns to all connected hosts.
Are the LUNs already known within windows before configuring clustering? If not first, make sure both single nodes see the disk (not at the same time) and give each disk the same drive letter before starting with the cluster configuration.

Hope this helps.