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MSA 1000 2/8 switch config

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MSA 1000 2/8 switch config

I'm trying to change the port speed on my MSA1000 switch from 100Mbps to 1Gbps but I tend to run into problems right after the following cmds #portCfgSpeed speed_level, can anyone answer the full step to configure the speed?

Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA 1000 2/8 switch config

What port's speed is it that you want to change?

100 MegaBits per second is one of the speeds that the Ethernet interface can do - the other is 10 MegaBits per second. It can be changed with 'ifModeSet'.

1 GigaBits per second is one of the speeds that any of the Fibre Channel ports can do - the other speed is 2 GigaBits per second.

So, the Ethernet port cannot do 1 Gigabit per second and no Fibre Channel port can do 100 MegaBits per second.
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Re: MSA 1000 2/8 switch config

hi Waz

look here:

Configure the port speed level.

Synopsis: V3.1.x

portCfgSpeed portnumber, speed_level

Synopsis: V4.1.x

portCfgSpeed portnumber, speed_level

This command has the following operands:

(V4.1.x only)

Specify the slot number for a StorageWorks Core
switch. For all other switches this operand is not
required. The slot number must be followed by a slash
( / ) and the port number, so that each port is
represented by both slot number (1 through 4, or 7
through 10), and port number (0 through 15).
The StorageWorks Core switch has a total of 1â 10
slots. Slot number 5 and 6 are control processor cards,
and slot 1 through 4, and 7 through 10, are port
cards. On each port card, there are 16 ports counted
from the bottom, 0 to 15.


Specify a port number. Valid values for port number
vary depending on the switch type. This operand is


Specify the speed of a port. This operand is required.
Valid values are one of the following:
0 - Auto-sensing mode. The port automatically
configures for the highest speed.
1 - 1Gbps mode. The port will be at fixed speed of
1 Gbps.
2 - 2Gbps mode. The port will be at fixed speed of
2 Gbps.

To configure the speed of blade 2 port 5 to 2 Gbps:switch:admin> portCfgSpeed 2/5, 2
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Re: MSA 1000 2/8 switch config

Marino / Uwe Zessin,

Thanks guys for your reply, I'm very grateful.