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MSA 1000 - NW 6.5 problem.

R Sandberg
Occasional Contributor

MSA 1000 - NW 6.5 problem.


Every monday (or after every weekend) my NW 6.5 SP3 servers loose contact with the disks. It just says "unable to communicate with cluster datapool".

I restart the servers, and they re establish contact with the disk set. And it works fine for another week, then after the weekend again, i have the same problem.

No abends on the NW servers. No alarms on the MSA 1000 LED.

Any suggestions?

// Robert
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Re: MSA 1000 - NW 6.5 problem.

Have you updated the controller firmware, there is a 4.48 (.iso)13 Nov 2005. I believe this cover some Netware 6.5 issues.