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MSA 1000- Redundant Controller Problem.

Navaneeda Kumar
Frequent Advisor

MSA 1000- Redundant Controller Problem.


I have installed MSA 1000 with 2 Controllers. One controller as Redundant.

MSA 1000 is working fine with single controller. When i install the another controller it is going to the Stand by mode.When i restart my server i am not able to see the controller in ACU.
Both the controller firmware is upto date.

Also the LED 9 no is ON in one controller and other controllr 9 is off as Redundant.

Is any changes i have to do ??

Conncetivity Details.
From the server HBA card Cable goes directly MSA 1000 Single port Fibre Switch.

Any suggestions to resolve this issue.


John Kufrovich
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 1000- Redundant Controller Problem.


MSA1000 only supports Active/Passive configuration. The secondary controller is only there for redundancy.

Your LED status is correct.

You will not see the other controller in ACU.

Dean Simiana

Re: MSA 1000- Redundant Controller Problem.

Do you have two Fibre HBS's in your host and two Fibre I/O or internal Fibre switches in the MSA?

The MSA Controllers have a 1-1 relationship with the Fibre I/O.
When controllers switch roles, the entire Fibre path will switch to the related I/O or switch module.