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MSA 1000 + SAN Switch 2/8 + P-Class Blade - Setup help

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MSA 1000 + SAN Switch 2/8 + P-Class Blade - Setup help

MSA 1000 + SAN Switch 2/8 + P-Class Blade - Setup help


If there is anyone out there that can help me with the setup of this system it would really help. I have spent the last few weeks and not getting very far with it!


I have P-Class blade enclosure up and running. I have GBE2 router switches up and running with latest firmware and FC cards installed. I have the MC DATA san Switches as part of the connectivity kit not the pass through type.


MSA 1000 with dual controller and dual 2/8 San Switches. Powered up and connected to MSA via serial. configured array ok.


BL20P G3 blade with Qlogic FC adaptor installed. Windows 2003 server enterprise x86




The San switches have been configured by previous user and I do not have password to get in. I have set my IP into the range and can bring up the HTTP page for the switch but unable to access admin. I am waiting to see if they will tell me the password. If not will need to speak to HP support.


I also have the single FC port card. I have tried to remove the SAN Switches and use the single port FC card but still no connection to MSA.


I cannot / do not know how to connect the server to the MSA. I have tried to create a connection on the MSA with the WWPN that is in the FC HBA, it says connection added but still nothing on the server.


Any help on how to logically connect the HBA to the MSA would really help. I am not sure if there is a connectivity problem or something else I am missing.


My first MSA / SAN install with used kit so lots to learn. thanks,

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Re: MSA 1000 + SAN Switch 2/8 + P-Class Blade - Setup help


as far as I understand you create an array, logical drive, then with 'SSP' you present the logical drive to the server. In ACU you get a drop-down list and if the MSA can see your host the WWN should be in there. As you're doing this via the CLI - maybe there is a way to list the WWNs that the MSA sees / do a rescan.

When you removed the switches, could you remove the McData one as well? To get a direct connection between the blade and the MSA1000?
Confirm on the McData switches that the blades have FC connectivity.
If you have a non blade-server with FC card that might be helpful.

To connect a 2/8 (Brocade) and a McData SAN-switch you need to set use a non-native interopability mode on the Brocade switch. There is a document about this on HP SPOCK.