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MSA 1000 and Win3K Server Cluster - SCSI ID's

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MSA 1000 and Win3K Server Cluster - SCSI ID's

I am attempting to set up a Microsoft SQL Cluster, 2 nodes, using 2 DL360 servers, Windows Server 2003 and an MSA 1000 Fiber Channel SAN. Microsoft recommends changing the default SCSI ID on one of the servers, normally #7, so that both servers are not attempting to use the same ID. They suggest leaving node 1 set to default, ID #7, and setting node two to something like, ID #6.

I had this thing all set up and working for around 3 months, then started having Event ID 9's , 15's, etc. All pointing to hardware conectivity problems. I had not ensured this SCSI ID setting was configured as is recommended by Microsoft. I don't want rebuild the solution, just to have it happen again, so I want to address this SCSI ID issue.

Question: Where does one change the SCSI ID setting for each server. I remember making this setting change in the controller BIOS on the Dell servers I've worked with in the past. I'm sort of new to Compaq. I've gone into the Emulux BIOS, but can't seem to find where the setting is made. I'm not even sure that's being used because it says it's "Disabled" when the server is booting. I know that it uses Secure Path program, but I don't know if Secure Path has anything to do with it.

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Re: MSA 1000 and Win3K Server Cluster - SCSI ID's

if you have a MSA1000 storage array, then you have fibre channel adapters in your servers which do not use SCSI-IDs at the cable level. Any addressing issues are usually automatically resolved on the fibre channel level, except in some very special FC_AL configurations.

Now, if you are using parallel SCSI instead (it doesn't seem to be the case as you are talking about Emulex Adapters) you rather have an MSA500 storage array (formerly called the Smart Array Cluster Storage System). I have checked its User Guide, but it doesn't mention anywhere that you have to change the server's SCSI-IDs. (Looks to me that the Shared Storage Module provides different busses for each of the hosts).
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Re: MSA 1000 and Win3K Server Cluster - SCSI ID's


Thank you for the reply. I here what you're saying. I am definitley using the MSA1000 FiberChannel SAN with 256 Cache. My servers have 2 HBA's each. My previous experience setting this up was with a direct-attached SCSI array and the SCSI ID's had to be different settings to avoid trouble. I have search documentation and have found nothing relating to such a settng with the MSA 1000 FC array, so I'm sure you know what you're saying. I'm going to run with it and hope for the best.

Do you have any experience using the MSA1000 for MSCS clustering and if so, do you have any nuggets, tips, gotchas, that sort of thing to look out for.

Thanks again.