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Re: MSA 1000 config software

Wayne Bonett
Occasional Advisor

MSA 1000 config software

Hi All
Am currently installing and configuring a MSA 1000 we have re-located from another site.
Is ACU the best software to use to configure ?
Am in a mixed OS environment which seems to rule out apps like SANSurfer express.
It appears that I am only seeing one controller through ACU, is this normal? How should it look ?.
Also is Secure Path the recommended multi path software for MSA, if so how is this configured from SAN itself eg. display spmgr,setting password for san side etc? (Am used to command view on eva3000)
Thanks in advance.
Bahman Farkhonbdeh
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Re: MSA 1000 config software

Wayne, if you redundant controllers only the active one will display in the ACU.

When using the ACU make sure you have the latest version and always always use SSP (Selective Storage Presentation) to configure your drives, your HBA IDs should be displyed in ACU and after creating your logical drives you assign drives to your servers or I should say present them to your server.

Secure path is the I is expensive. you access it using HP home manangement home page, I'm assuming your are using a proliant server. once you bring the HP home page there is a link for secure pathe if correctly configured. There are several steps of configuring secure path, you must first create a server can read more about it is secure pathe user guide.

Hope this helps.

Wayne Bonett
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSA 1000 config software

Thanks Bahman much appreciated