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MSA 1000 logical unit maximum size

Vincent Breton_2
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MSA 1000 logical unit maximum size

I have a logical unit of 260gb and a at less 450gb of free space on the raid unit. When I try to expend the logical unit, it limit me to 216116mb (only 1gb more than actual).

What is the limit of a logical unit ? Is there some thing wrong with the config of my logical unit that limit the size ? Where do the 261116mb limit come from ? Does the limit come from windows 2003 ?

Info on my logical unit is:
Head 255 (can we change it ?)
Sectors 32 (can we change it ?)
Cylinders 65255 (is the maximum 65536 ?)
Stripe size 16 KB

Can we change someting in those values (head, sectors cylinders or stripe size) to extend the size of the unit ?
I play with those numbers to find my 260gb and I do not see how 255 x 32 x 65255 x 16 can equal 260000mb ?

I hope someone can turn on my lamp ?

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Re: MSA 1000 logical unit maximum size

Advisory exists with symptoms like yours:

Array Configuration Utility May Not Allow Logical Drive Extension to the Maximum Capacity Displayed if the Logical Drive Size is Greater than 261000 MB

On an array created using the ACR.EXE Utility Version 2.6 (or earlier) from the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit, the logical drive may not be able to be extended to the maximum capacity as displayed in the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) Version (or earlier).When this occurs, the "Discard Changes" and the "SAVE" options will be missing from the ACU menu.


The Array Configuration Utility packaged with SmartStart 7.40 will allow the logical drive to be extended to the maximum capacity displayed.