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MSA 1000

Good afternoon,

My technical team needs to identify the serial numbers of approx. 10 - 12 MSA1000 full operational units with my customer. Physical audit is not possible, because the racks is fully populated.
Is it possible to do a quick inventory of the serial number through a command line? browser check? or maybe easier through the panel on the front of the msa?

Please advice, we need to close support contracts asap with Hewlett Packard.

Thanks in advance.

Jason Soentpiet
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James Muell
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Re: MSA 1000

You can connect a laptop to the front side port on the controller(s) and using a HyperTerm session collect 99% the data from the MSA1000. Setup a txt file to capture the output.

Connect the MSA serial cable to the serialport of the right/upper MSA controller
Set serial portspeed to 19200 8-N-1, no handshake
Push Enter to verify response, the MSA will display "CLI>" or "CLI-1>"
Enter the following commands, while capturing all output to a textfile
***(Note: not all commands are supported on all firmware versions)

show version -all
show profile
show globals
show acl
show connections
show disks
show box
show units
show this_controller
show other_controller
show eventlog
show preferred_path
show auto_path_change

Yan Lafrance
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Re: MSA 1000

You can also use the Array Configuration Utility or the Array Diagnostics Utility on the hosts that have connectivity to the MSA1000. That can be done without physical access.