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MSA 1040 10GbE with 1GbE GBIC?

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MSA 1040 10GbE with 1GbE GBIC?

Hi Forum,


can I connect the MSA 1040 with dual 10 GbE iSCSI Controllers via a DAC or MiniGBIC (normal 1Gig version) to 1 Gigabit Port of the switch?

To be future proof we are planing to buy the 10GbE version but our switches are still 1GbE ;-)


Thanks in advance!

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Re: MSA 1040 10GbE with 1GbE GBIC?

Direct attached copper cables are supported in 10GbE Controller systems . However, it is not a Supported Configuration. (i.e. It will work at 1GbE and if you face issues with Host Connectivity or Performance related issues etc. you will need to change test it with 10GbE to request Support)


Supported Configuration for 10GbE can be found: Page 27

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Re: MSA 1040 10GbE with 1GbE GBIC?

Hi Phix - AnkitM is an MSA expert so his word is gold.  


Are you already working with an HP rep or channel partner? I'm happy to help in any way.