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MSA 1050 10 GbE Escenario

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MSA 1050 10 GbE Escenario

Dear Collegues:
I would like to buy a HPE MSA 1050 Storage, especifically the model Q2R25A,with 2 controller at 10GbE of iSCSI connection, but when I review the spare-parts of msa1050, I saw that it comes with 4 1 GbE Ethernet sfp(rj-45), 2 sfp for each controller. I would like to know if:
1. This sfp is compatible with 10 GbE( 10GbaseT)
2.hpe sfp+ 10Gb-T is compatible with hpe MSA 1050.

Re: MSA 1050 10 GbE Escenario

As per MSA 1050 User guide,

"The MSA 1050 controller enclosures are pre-configured at the factory to support one of these host interface protocols:
• 8 Gb FC
• 1 GbE iSCSI
• 10 GbE iSCSI
• 12 Gb HD mini-SAS
For FC and iSCSI host interfaces, the small from-factor pluggable (SFP transceiver or SFP) connector supporting the
pre-configured host interface protocol is pre-installed in the controller module. MSA 1050 controller enclosures do not
allow you to change the host interface protocol or increase speeds. Always use qualified SFP connectors and cables for
supporting the host interface protocol"

You may have noticed 1GbE iSCSI SFP but that shows for MSA1040 because base Chassis is MSA2040,

So basically with same chassis what type of Controller you are using based on that you can use SFP. You can't simply swap 10GbE SFP with 1GbE SFP.


Hope this helps!

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Re: MSA 1050 10 GbE Escenario

There are no 10BaseT Options for the MSA 1050 today.

For iSCSI, you have to use 10 GB SFP (Fibre) or Direct Attach Copper Cable.

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Re: MSA 1050 10 GbE Escenario

I have a several questions for the hpe MSA 1050 10 iSCSI Configuration(Q2R25A):
1. Has it 4 sfp+ 10 Gbps , two for each controller?
2. Is it compatible its DAC cables with switch CISCO SX550G-24T? Because I want use this two switch as San network between this SAN and 4 HPE Proliant DL380 gen 10 server

Re: MSA 1050 10 GbE Escenario

Answer_1: Yes, you are correct there are 4 SFP+ 10GB Ethernet connections, and two for each controller.

Answer_2:  It is possible to achieve a 10Gb Ethernet connection with DACs cables ( copper-based connection).

 Since there are a variety of Ethernet Switches that support the use of DAC cables, there will be a different set of DAC cables for the one in particular.

 Each switch vendor has its own set of supported cables.

If you refer to the MSA 1050 quickspecs, there is a list of supported DAC cables tested with HPE products.


Since you are looking to connect with switch vendor (CISCO SX550G-24T ), then the supported way is with the Optical based connection (OM3/OM4) and SFP+ transceivers on both ends, not DAC.



The switch vendors providing 10Gb switches must confirm that it must have a 10Gb SFP+ slot to support a 10G SFP+ device.  

Every SFP+ device has a set of SFPs that it supports (Transceivers and DACs), and every switch model that supports SFP+ device has a choice of uplinks.

Choice of uplinks: − SFP+ uplink models: provide fiber-optic (up to 70 km) or direct-attach-cable (DAC) connectivity.

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