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MSA 1050 Fibre across 3 hosts

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MSA 1050 Fibre across 3 hosts

I got a MSA 1050 unit which is currently connected via Fibre to 2x DL360 Gen 10s, in which each server has currently got 2 connections each 
Host 1 has Fibre 1 and 3 
Host 2 has Fibre 2 and 4

Because i'm an idiot and under estimated the RAM, the Failover on these hosts doesn't work.

Therefore I'm exploring the possibility of deploying an older DL360 Gen 9 (Which is only a tad slower than a Gen 10, but got significant amount of RAM) as a third failover machine - but before I go out and get a Fibre Optic LOM card - i just want to know your thoughts about this configuration...

Host 1 has Fibre 1 and 3
Host 2 has Fibre 2 
Host 3 has Fibre 4