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MSA 1050 SAS connected to VMware 6.7 U1

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MSA 1050 SAS connected to VMware 6.7 U1

VMware was installed using latest HPE customized ISO.

Having an issue with MSA 1050 and vSphere.

After configuring MSA was able to create datastores in vCenter.

Created new virtual machine and patched with no issues.

When deploying template, it hangs and never completes.

Storage vMotion between datastores hosted on the MSA have the same issue.

I am able to deploy the template to an iSCSI datastore on old SAN and then storage vMotion to datastore on the MSA.

Once on the datastore hosted by MSA, no clone or storage vmotion operations succeed.

No errors, just hang there. A small VM with only 100GB drive sat for 14 hours until I canceled it.

Going to the iSCSI store took 4 minutes.

I have a case open with VMware, but thought i'd ping here as well.

Been at a standstill for several days.

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Re: MSA 1050 SAS connected to VMware 6.7 U1


Latest firmware on the HBAs in the hosts fixed the clone VM issue.

Only issue now is that the SAN connections show autonegotiated at 6GB.

Another MSA 1050 with all the exact same hardware, cables, drives, hosts, HBAs and firmware levels is connecting at 12GB.

I have powered off the hosts and restarted storage on the SAN and after powering everything back up, it's still at 6GB.

Is there a magic setting somewhere? On the array controller maybe?

Array controllers are E208E-P SR Gen10 with latest firmware.


Re: MSA 1050 SAS connected to VMware 6.7 U1

Can you please provide the command line output of the below command from both MSA1050 systems,

# show ports detail


Hope this helps!

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