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MSA 1500 CS Active/Active?

Eric van Willegen
New Member

MSA 1500 CS Active/Active?


I've just implemented this week a new MSA 1500 CS with a Active/Active Config.

1. What are the differences between this and older active/passive configs? Are there any white papers?
2. Do i need to upgrade the firmware and all of the HBA's to the latest versions? The controllers firmware is now at 5.10.B.414

James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA 1500 CS Active/Active?

Are you saying you have an MSA1500 and have a act-act cluster runing?

The MSA1500 firmware version 6.86 supports active-active CONTROLLERs. That means you can have different I/O running through both controllers. Configuring this is a manual process using the MSA CLI tool. fw 6.86 is the 1st to take advantage of act-act contrlrs. I have not tested this yet but will before we use it, mainly to see what, if any events are generated for operational notification and troubleshooting.