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MSA 1500 and Netware

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MSA 1500 and Netware

We have purchased a msa 1500 with msa20 for the storage part. We already have a san with two RA4100, 3 proliant DL360 with 64bit/66 Mhz FC HBA, all running under Netware 6 SP4. The server sees the MSA (as a MSA1000???) but not the disks! SSP is disabled. I suppose it's a driver problem.

My question is: Whrere these damned drivers for the MSA1500. The installation documentation says that they are in the netware directory on the MSA support CD, but this directory does not exists! Besides, these drivers doesn't exist on HP support site.

The Quickspecs says that Netware is supported ( )

Any idea about the location if this driver?
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Re: MSA 1500 and Netware

The MSA1500cs uses the MSA1000 controllers. (Only differen firmware).

Qlogic hba's are supported for NetWare. It is not allowd to be connected to the RA and te MSA at the same time. (Nor is the old HBA often used in the RA-environment. I'm guessing this are the ones you are using).

I belive this link works. What you want depends on what you got.〈=en&cc=us