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MSA 1500 drive rebuild

Jeff Speroff
Occasional Contributor

MSA 1500 drive rebuild

I have customer rebuiling a 146 GB drive in MSA 1500. Here is his dilemma:
On Monday, we lost one of the 4 logical drives. The hot spare took over.

We have extra backup drives, but when we put one it, it didn't start to rebuild right away. In fact, it is taking forever. After 48 hours, the rebuild is only at 6%.

We have gone into the HP Array Config Util and turned up the rebuild priority to High. But the control server (W2K3 Svr Std) connected to the array must be pushing to much traffic at the SAN, because it won't show any rebuild progress unless the W2K3 server is shut off and the volume is unmounted.

We are dumb-founded... but also really concerned because we are one drive away from total SAN failure. We rebooted the entire until last night, a full powercycle, just to make sure everything was okay. Still no improvement.

All 14 of the drives have been in the unit for 3.75 years and have over 31K hours of uptime on them.

I upgraded the server to the latest HP Smart Start 8, and updated the ACU to 8.20. I have not applied any firmware updates, but it wouldn’t really matter. I can only run updates on the W2K3 server anyway... so it won't update any SAN firmware. I don't know any CLI stuff to work with the unit either.

James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA 1500 drive rebuild

What MSA fw are you running. The slow rebuild may be due to out of date fw on the harddrives if you haven't kept them up.
What is the size of your RAID set for the failed hard drive?
Have experiences similar problems here. Keep your backups current.