MSA 1500CS

paul spolidoro
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MSA 1500CS

We have an Active/Passive controller setup and the passive controller has gone down with an error 204, the HP tech. told me to reseat the controller to clear the fault. since I have not done this with such an old SAN is there any gotchas that I need to watch out for? anything out of the ordinary with this SAN that could lead to data loss when the controller comes back on line after it is reseated?

James Muell
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Re: MSA 1500CS

Assuming all your connected hosts are DUAL HBA connected...and as long as you are not running MSA fw v7. or higher.
Your hosts should all be receiving I/0 via the active controller.
One way to check this is to logon to fabric switches using a cli tool like Putty and run a 'perfportshow' command to determine whether any I/0 traffic is going down the passive controller path, and on the host ports. If no I/0 then it should be fine to reseat the passive controller.